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The UK's favourite manufacturer

A well-known and highly regarded manufacturer and supplier of top-quality windows and doors to trade, WB Group Products prides itself not only on providing the best products but also ensuring customer service and support that is second to none.

First class delivery - everytime
Standing head and shoulders above its competitors for quality and service, WB Group’s windows and doors are delivered to its customers using the company’s own fleet of delivery vehicles – a service that is unique to the group. As the group’s drivers are specialists in delivering delicate products you receive the product you want, when you want it and in perfect condition.

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Contemporary Chapleton C4 Composite with Triple Glazed 'Asti' Glass Design. #virtuoso #quality https://t.co/r6ln0nqt6m
WB Group welcomes new Customer Liaison Executive - Charissa McAneny https://t.co/VuLqUa5xhY https://t.co/IQLwKNo7U9
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